After 25 years of research by S A Partners, The Essence of Excellence book arrived in 2019, and has been awarded the presitgious Shingo Institute Publication Award.

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Book Features

So what separates the really great from the merely good?

25 years of research in one book

Over the last 25 years S A Partners have researched, coached and supported many companies on their continuous improvement journeys.

Drive sustainable improvement

Discover the ultimate secret of creating a sustainable Enterprise Excellence by developing a Principle- led approach and deploying this into the organisation.

Learn How To Win a Shingo Prize

Through the many illustrated case studies, see how leading organisations have won multiple prizes, including the Shingo Prize.

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In today’s fast moving world we are committed to bringing you the latest possible information. We will therefore update the physical and kindle copy of this book when further material or references become available. By way of example we have already been able to include some new references to Frank Devine, Pádraig Garvey, W. Twomey and P Whyte. Our agile clock speed will be fastest for the kindle version but we will also update the copy of the physical book at each print run.

What Business Leaders Say

Business leaders from around the world give their thoughts on the new book

Book Authors

Prof. Peter Hines

Prof. Peter Hines

Prof. Peter Hines is a double Shingo prize winner, and founder of S A Partners.

He has a degree from Cambridge University and an MBA and PhD from Cardiff University. He is also an accredited Senior Shingo Facilitator and Visiting Professor at Waterford Institute of Technology and a leading authority on Continuous Improvement.

Chris Butterworth

Chris Butterworth

Chris Butterworth is founder of S A Partners Australia and New Zealand, a certified Shingo Institute master level facilitator and Shingo examiner. He has had many years of experience operating at senior management levels in multinational organizations such as JCB, Jaguar, ABB and Corus.

Chris is also a winner of the Best New Speaker of the Year Award for “The Executive Connection” and in 2019 was honoured with Shingo Publication awards for the widely acclaimed books “4+1- Embedding a Culture of Continuous Improvement” and “The Essence of Excellence”


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